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Hi guys,

Today, Matt’s CPPS has announced it’s cancelled their planned reopening.

Speedy CPPSHQ’s exclusive source has told us there were problems within the team that were unable to be resolved, resulting in a cancellation of the planned reopening in late July.


The website has been turned off, along with the deactivation of Matt’s CPPS’ official Twitter account, which will result in a not found error.


Matt’s CPPS has had a long history, first meeting us in July 2012. Run by xmatth13, the CPPS was seen very popular, becoming one of my personal favorite CPPSes of that time period.


The old Matt’s CPPS logo


Matt’s CPPS’ old website


Matt’s CPPS In-game July 2012

Matt’s CPPS had its fair share of fun, including the old style .swf pop-ups in game, Obama dance we’re talking about you, from a lot has changed compared to its early era.


Matt’s CPPS’ new website design later that year.













Matt’s CPPS did close and then re-open in 2013, and closed again. Although, it finally made its much anticipated return at the end of last year.

The new Matt’s CPPS generated a lot of interest with its brand new features, and environment. Although the essence of the old era was still there, developed by Matt, it brought on a new phase on which thousands of players called home.


From it’s new website design, to it’s exciting in-game features…


..Matt’s CPPS is a home which will be missed by many.


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  1.   June 26, 2016, 12:55 pm

    I was Brooke234 and that was the best place to be.. custom items were amazing.. thank you blissom and all the mods even Jennifer to those who helped me. I will miss my friends including Leila4567. RIP MattsCPPS

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