Matt’s CPPS – New Login + New Site Design!

Hey Penguins,

Today I decided to pay a visit to Matt’s CPPS. When I first visited them, I noticed something very different… but what exactly was it? To start it off, they redesigned their whole entire website. It’s not only has a more clean and slick look, but it drastically reduced the amount of lag they had with their older website. I mean, man, am I loving the looks of this! –

Upon looking more into just the Matt’s CPPS homepage, I definitely loved seeing what I saw —

That’s not all of it! If I were to fit all of the website into this post, you’d definitely never see the end of it. Those are just some peeks for you to look at. You can check out and find the rest of the pages on their website. It’s always good to be curious!

Now, moving on to an even better topic… do you remember Matt’s CPPS’s old login page and design? Well, Matt has updated the login. The design looks even more amazing than it already did before, and I’m absolutely in love with how it looks as a whole —

Super neat and super custom! Not only is Matt’s CPPS rocking their new design on both the website itself and the login, but when you join the game, you’ll definitely have a ton of fun with both the other users and the staff!

Come join us on Matt’s CPPS and enjoy yourself! Everyone always has a blast whenever they login to this CPPS! If you’re wanting to talk to the players outside of the game as well, don’t be afraid to join our Discord Channel.

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