Matt’s CPPS: May Service Check

Service Check 1 
Scenario: A user wanted to know how to change name glow and get VIP.
Moderator Name: Blissom

Helpfulness: 6/10
Friendliness: 0/10
Accuracy: 4/10
Dedication: 0/10

Combined Rating: 10/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 25% 
Comment: When I first logged on, Blissom was AFK, so I waited.  When she came back, she came up to me and answered the question I had asked while she was away.  She simply came up to me and said “in the settings” which was the gear.  She then walked away quickly and chatted with another user.  I proceeded to ask how to get VIP.  She answered with “credits” and again walked away and made an annoyed face and started again chatting with other users, so I thanked her and logged off.  I hope in the near future she can be a little kinder and less ignorant.

Service Check 2 
Scenario: A user wanted to know how to change his penguin size.
Moderator Name: EMILIA

Helpfulness: 7/10
Friendliness: 9/10
Accuracy: 10/10
Dedication: 7/10

Combined Rating: 33/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 82.5%
Comment: When I logged on, I was welcomed by some of the users, and I asked for a moderator. When I asked EMILIA for help, she was very nice and started off by welcoming me to Matt’s CPPS. Although she was very nice and had a great understanding of the features, she had to log off after I asked my question. Fortunately, the moderator’s friend helped me out. Overall, the moderator seemed very helpful but did not get the chance to help me.

Service Check 3 
Scenario: A user asked how to achieve the moderator and VIP positions, as well as asking if they could earn features individually.
Moderator Name: degenerate

Helpfulness: 6/10
Friendliness: 8/10
Accuracy: 8/10
Dedication: 7/10

Combined Rating: 29/40
Combined Percentage Rating: 72.5% 
Comment: Grasping degenerate’s attention was fairly easy, but when we got into the conversation, he seemed a bit uninterested in what I had to ask. Originally, I asked how to achieve the moderator position, and he answered with a sincere and helpful response. This was appreciative and I congratulate him on a good note for helping in a nice way. But, however, he started letting positions lower than him, as well as casual users, answer the questions for him. When I asked how to achieve VIP, a user by the name of “Woofiez” stepped in, along with Cloud and Blissom. They helped out, but degenerate seemed to not give thorough responses, but rather “yes” and “no” answers, resulting in a low helpfulness/dedication rating. Though, he was friendly and accurate when he was active. Woofiez should be given the chance as being a moderator for great support.

Percentage Summary

Service Check 1 Combined Percentage Rating: 25%
Service Check 2 Combined Percentage Rating: 82.5%
Service Check 3 Combined Percentage Rating: 72.5%

Average Score for May’s Service Checks:

Average total rating: 24/40
Average total percentage: 60%

Overall comment: Matt’s CPPS’ staff members have good potential and seem to be nice and friendly. There are a lot of things that need to be worked on, though there are good aspects about the team. The things that need to be worked on are friendliness and dedication, but as time goes on, that will definitely be fixed. The one user known by the name of “Woofiez” should be given the chance as a moderator, as he gave great support when the mods weren’t answering in the last check. Overall, Matt’s staff did an okay job and should definitely keep excelling at their positions- as they are good people and are learning how to moderate, just like all other staff members at other CPPSes. Great job! 


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