Matt’s CPPS Comeback!

Hello everybody,

Today, I have found out something rather amazing. Matt has decided to not let his real life distract him and to gather up the money for Matt’s CPPS to be brought back! The CPPS is set to come in September. I am more excited than you can imagine. I have been told this great news by both the staff and the Matt’s CPPS Twitter account. Here is what one of their very few tweets says —

Something big is happening this September; this is only a small glimpse of the new project!

A picture is provided with this tweet as well —


That is the only current sneak peek to be provided to us as of right now. They have removed their bio about closing and now it is just simply blank. I am very happy that our beloved Matt’s CPPS is coming back. I can’t wait! The 3 months will be worth the wait, that’s for certain! We’ll see you soon, Matt’s CPPS!



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