January 23, 2013
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No one has posted about any cpps since before christmas! I will tell you about one today. I have heard the name of Lust before. I think there was a cpps called Lust before. You might know, can you tell me what it is? Anyway I will be typing about Lustcpps!

Lustcpps can be a plane game. What is it? Use my CppsDictionary at the end.. Dictionary by Leed. No credit..

I havent been on so: [Copied]



Home Page | Register | Play

1 [gamez?]

2 [stampz]

3 [recomended?]

1. It has gamez added on to the database, look at pictures.

2. stampz yeh! Look above.

3. Not tested by me. Recomended by cppshq though.

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