LoraxCPPS’s Closure

Hey everyone,

Today, I have come across some sad news. A few days ago, LoraxCPPS had announced that they are closing. When going upon the website, you will find out that you are unable to login or even have access to the homepage. The reason as for that is because the developer, Kaniac, has fallen ill and cannot work on the CPPS along-side with the owner, Samantha. No need to grieve though! Although the CPPS itself has closed, their Discord chat is still currently available! If you would like to be able to chat with the other users- including the owner, the invite to their Discord will be right here. https://discord.gg/0120LXo1VboftxeoA. If you have any questions related to the CPPS, you can also go through their twitter page, @projectloraxcp and send them a message there.

Once again, it is very unfortunate to hear another astounding CPPS leave the community. You will be greatly missed, LoraxCPPS. Feel Better, Kaniac!




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