Look Inside: Item Hue

Hi everyone,

It’s time to dwell into the past and take you through the origins of a particular CPPS feature.

As we may know by now, a whole range of servers have been grasping onto the idea of changing your item’s hue, and it’s time to find out how this amazing craze of changing your item colors begun.


Changing the hue of your items has never been more fun. With a simple move, you can change the hue of your colors to a whole new outfit. But how did this first come to plan?

It’s time to step down memory lane and investigate how Item Hue has come upon us, today.

We first go back to Mirai. What an interesting, innovative server. Although it has now closed, it first brought us the idea of changing your item’s hue. As you may have seen, the news was publicly hinted on Twitter, as seen below:



— Mirai (@mirai_so) March 1, 2016


We certainly do love our watermelon! The first ever look of Item Hue was this amazing watermelon. From then onward, item hue dived into endless possibilities. But what was the inspiration behind it?

Item Hue first caught Mirai’s attention when a user requested a way into changing the colors of their items, via hex codes. This was first seen to be something that would be liked, although wasn’t an easy process. After many attempts the hex code idea wasn’t an ideal method into presenting nice and neatly colored items. So then the idea of hues became realistic.

Already offered was a playercard hue changing feature. They then thought what if we applied the same concept of playercard hue, to items, and then Item Hue was born. This feature consisted on the entire outfit being featured within a manager, where users can drag or input the appropriate hue of their choosing, and save the outfit.

mirai item hue

If you would like to see more of Item Hue in action watch the video, here.

Item Hue was only the beginning. Once we learned of its capabilities, the same thing was applied to Furniture items. This further extended the limits of what we can change the hue of on CPPSes. This also allowed the introduction of Beak Hue which was later an add-on to the Item Hue feature.

This feature has also caught onto some servers such as MystCP and even iPenguin, with it’s upcoming Beak, Penguin and Feet Hue features. These exciting new updates will hit out screens when they launch. Here’s a preview:

View full post: http://www.speedycppshq.com/exclusive-ipenguins-new-features/

We also can’t forget CPPS.pws’s version of Item Hue, by simply holding your mouse down on the item while the hue changes. Pretty snazzy. Take a look:


Item Hue was big. It gained attention by a lot of the CPPS community. Many servers have attempted to replicate Item Hue, but so far the best we’ve come across is uberPenguin‘s model.

uberPenguin has improved the concept of Item Hue by embedding it’s editing capabilities within the playercard.


This smooth function allows you to see the live result before you save changes. Making it easy to adjust the perfect hue (including grey).

We’ve also seen FrostPengu & Migrate are also both hinting at adding Item Hue, so stay tuned for more news.

Item Hue is forever expanding and improving, so be prepared to see it hit your favorite CPPS one day. The demand is extremely high and with hue being applied to items and furniture, this opens up endless possibilities on what we could see next.

In the meantime, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your obscure looking fruit.




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