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Hi guys,

Looking for an old Club Penguin recreation from 2005? Well.. from October 18, 2005, to be specific? Well, you’ve come to the right post.

Club Penguin recreates have been popping up largely since the closure of Club Penguin, mainly highlighting older Club Penguin, but this server has gone a deeper, taking you right back to 2005.

Since this is a Club Penguin recreate, many generic CPPS features do not apply here, although membership, as always, is free.

Upon logging in, you are instructed to select a specific country and server, as shown below:

REMEMBER: Select USA > Blizzard server.

Once in, you may already begin to notice that the game is quite bare, as this is many of the rooms were added in gradually through the years, and this CPPS is frozen within the 2005 timeframe.

Now one of your first instincts upon joining a server, may be to get items! As this server focuses on recreating the classic Club Penguin experience, you will need to earn coins via games.

It looks like we have some coins now! Off to th-..  Wait what..? Can you purchase coins with real money did I hear you ask? Well, unfortunately not as stated in the FAQ:

  • Club Penguin Coins are your currency for buying stuff. You earn coins by playing games inside Club Penguin. There are many different games to choose from: Mancala, Ballistic Biscuit, Astro Barrier, Bean Counters, Sled Racing, and many more. Playing any of these games will earn you coins as long as you finish the game.
  • Coins cannot be purchased with real money, only earned within the game.
  • Coins cannot be transferred from penguin to penguin.
  • When you buy items, coins will automatically be deducted from your penguin account, and the item will be added to your inventory.

You better hop to earning some coins!

Now off to the gift shop, to spend those hard-earned coins.

ClubPenguin.IO has tried hard to replicate many 2005 features, which includes the clothing catalog and item inventory.

ClubPenguin.IO has also recently posted a small sneak peek via their twitter account (which has recently switched from @iClubPenguinIO to @ClubPenguinIO), which includes a tiny tease of an alleged approaching Halloween Party:

If nostalgia is your kind of deal, we recommend checking out this CPPS – for a definite throwback.

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