LimitlessCP Speedy Giveaway!

Aye, Penguins!

As you know, Speedy is having it’s giveaway month!  So, over at LCP, they have decided to let everyone here at Speedy take over their game night!  If you have attended their game night before, you have an idea of how it goes.  If not, well, you will catch on pretty quickly.  However, there is a slight twist in these events.  Everyone here at Speedy will be able to give out the exclusive extras.  What does this mean?  Well, instead of playing just against LCP staff, you will be able to play against the Speedy team too!  This addition means more prizes will be given out for what will hopefully be LCP’s  biggest Game Night yet.

When will this event take place?

Friday, July 1st at 7 PM EST

Where will this take place?

Everyone will meet in the cinema on LCP.

I hope to see you all there, for fun and also a possible LCP announcement!




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