LimitlessCP Closing & New CPPS: Klondike

Aye Penguins!

LimitlessCP’s time is coming to an end.  We have a closing date set for early August, but never fear the owner ‘Thorn’ is releasing a new server called ‘Klondike’!  As LimitlessCP’s time is coming to an end we have made many of the extras free.

However we are introducing penguin size and snowball colour,  this will only be available to mods and game night winners.  Every Friday night at 7PM EST we will be having a game night where you can win these exclusive extras this will continue till LCP’s  closing in August.  This game night will be starting in June and you will be able to win these here on Speedy during the month of June!

Klondike will also be releasing in early August for its beta stage.  The server will not be related to LCP in anyway besides being owned by the same person.  Yes, you will have to make a new accounts on the new server. It will also be releasing with a spanish server!

Be sure to log in to LCP for its final weeks! I also hope to see you on Klondike when it releases for beta!





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