Limitless CP


Limitless CP is known for it’s amazing design and having friendly staff that always support users. Limitless is also known for having mixed users with majority speaking Spanish and English, and a minority speaking French or any other languages. Limitless CP Staff support everyone, whatever they speak.


Clean, modern and handy, bar the advertisements.

Limitless CP has a sleek and modern design, which looks professional and really does appeal to many users. I especially like how there is a xat after the CPPS, where staff can announce any important news, or for people to generally chat. The disadvantage is the advertisements and banners that have been displayed, which is really disappointing.

In-game features


Easy to use manager.

The manager is impressive but limited. The manager includes any customizations you make with name and bubble colours/ and glows, and a general option tab, to enable and disabled any features. The manager is easy to use, efficient and clear. The disadvantage is that it isn’t detailed. It could have included more tabs to make it easier for members (for example: changing passwords).


Snowflakes are things that you gain from playing games, and doing other stuff such as helping users. Furthermore, snowflakes can get you some limited and rare items that are exclusive and will never come back after a certain time.

Find four:

Win: +20 snowflakes (per game)

Lose: +10 snowflakes (per game)

Sled racing:

Win: +20 snowflakes (per game)

Lose: +20 snowflakes (per game)


Reporting any that breaks the rules: +50 per successful report.


You can also buy snowflakes, and is 50% off for a limited time!

A sale!


Once you bought one of the customizations, you can edit it immediately after by going to the Limitless manager.

Love and BFF

Show who your best friend or your love is!


This is one of the most ‘loved’ features, the love and BFF feature. You can now pick who your best friend or love is. It will show up on your player card.

There are many more features for you to check out!


Design: 8/10

Features: 9/10

Limitless Fun? 10/10

Play it here!







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