Let the Halloween Events Begin!

Mwhahahahaha. Mwhahaha. Oh sorry, I was getting ‘spooky’.

Happy early Halloween. Woops, I mean have a spooky Halloween!

This is Speedy CPPSHQ’s First ever Halloween Celebration (well obviously) and we are going to kick it off with with a blast.

Over this month, we will be celebrating all things Halloween  and will will be hosting various events organised by our staff on cpps’. Such as the scariest costume dress-ups, Halloween inspired igloo contests and even hide ‘n “scare”. Muhahaha.

Now now, enough of that. You may be wondering about these random pop-ups on our blog. What the witch craft is this, you ask? Well, this is our halloween  pop-ups, on the bottom of your screen you may see this green bar that says: “Spooky News”, and nothing else. Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BOO! MWHAHAHAHA. Well, next to spooky news, every-time there is a Halloween event on, it will display on that green bar. How awesome, now you will know when and where an event is taking place!

We also have three other pop-ups. Do you know what these three pop-ups are? Comment bellow!

A MASSSSSIVE Thank you to Cheerios, for updating the amazing header you see today, and a huge thank you to Rexy for updating our blog’s background to make it look more spooky, before I forgot about it.

As you may notice, I haven’t been posting for a few days. The reason for this is that I had a ton of things to prepare for our next 6 parties, which will be happening next month and onwards!

What are you waiting for staff? Start hosting Halloween events on Private servers! Time is ticking, so we won’t be having this party forever. MWAHHAHA MWHAHAHA MWHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Sorry.

Have a Spooky Halloween!


P.s: There is also a Halloween category, to categorise your posts staff! (Only if you want to)



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