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Hi everyone,


Today I’m addressing recent incompatibilities between this community and another community. If you hate CPPSes, that doesn’t mean you should ruin it for everybody else who loves CPPSes. If you’re a CPPS owner, that doesn’t mean you should take down your competition! I understand that some people out here have been trying to get this message across other people’s heads for a long time.

This has gotten across to some people, but not that many. Not taking out the competition would make your CPPS more valuable and loved by the community, not just coming on chats and insulting people to the point where they want to cry or do harm to themselves. This makes your server vulnerable, not valuable, which isn’t a good thing and won’t get you or your server anywhere in life. Not even online.

CPPSes have rules. If you don’t follow the rules, SUCK UP to the punishment given to you for not abiding by these rules. Imagine if you didn’t follow the rules in real life, in your childhood, your house, your apartment, your tent, WHERE EVER you lived during your childhood. Your parents wouldn’t put up with it. CPPS moderators are starting to not put up with this either. Even Discord moderators don’t put up with harassment or even cyberbullying.

Rule breakers. For once, why not follow the rules. I promise that if you do, it’ll make this community a whole lot better which SpeedyCPPSHQ, CPPS veterans, CPPS developers are trying to do. But we need your help. If you see that user who doesn’t know how to add items, give a hand. If you see that moderator who’s abusing their powers, speak up. I know some of you love this community a lot. We can’t just let it die because of a few people who are jerks and want the CPPS community all to themselves. Can you do us the favor of at least thinking about a change?


Keep trying to make a change. It’ll happen someday if we all pitch in.






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