I (Yahoo) am Making a CPPS Called Junglecp. It will be one of the best CPPS ever!! But i need a coder ): I cant find one that will code for hamachi… I need a few more mascots… For the coder they will have founder with me… So please help me contact me At the cppshq chat or if im not there look on this chat… Waffle on…



  • You do not require a coder to make a cpps. You need a coder for that extra stuff namegow,namecolor,bubble color and all of that.

      • BMan is absolutely correct. Coders are only needed to code extra files and features for the cpps. Coders do not upload the files, you do that yourself on your own computer, If you do not know how to run the files, simply ask someone who is experienced in cpps making to share screens, such as screen sharing programs like: join.me.

  • admin Do you know how make a cpps.. I going to do it on hamachi i dont know where to upload them or anything.. How do i run the cpps? This is my first time ever…