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Hi guys,

Speedy CPPSHQ has been busy driving in new ideas and innovation, morphed with our friends over at CPPSNews! Our conjoined staff chats has bloomed brand new colorful ideas to merge into the CPPS network.

Welcome to a new day, where we will be putting the past behind us, today is like no other. It’s time to live life in color.

We have been busy networking with a whole range of CPPSes, to gather their involvement in this event, and we are very excited to finally announce our plans for this month.

Together, with CPPSNews, we will be your only sources to participate in this month of fun.


We all like to give, but we cannot give without community support. We’ve been in discussions with a whole range of servers and they have all given generously in this event.

Our community connection event is focused on connecting servers to you, to run contests and giveaways (or give back) to the community, and loyal CPPS players. We’ll be running not only giveaways, but endless contests to spread awareness of our overall message to the community, and allow servers to have their spotlight, with us highlighting key features of their CPPS.

These events will be spread over the remainder of June, allocated at random times, so make sure you’re always checking on Speedy CPPSHQ & CPPSNews as these events cannot be missed! We’ll do our best to find some kind of glow.. or better, let’s see what is up for grabs, overall:

  • VIP 
  • Name Glow
  • Bubble Color
  • Snowball Glow
  • Beta Test Keys
  • Premium Servers
  • VIP Feature Perks
  • Credits
  • Other


We want it too! Unfortunately, this event is not open to any of the Speedy CPPSHQ & CPPSNews staff. Although, this one’s for you, CPPS Community. We’ll be keeping up our community interaction & involvement over the month, with brand new ideas and services rolling out. Speaking of services, Service Checks for this month have been cancelled, with a brand new system rolling out (which is currently in testing) expected in July.

For any CPPS interested in joining the giveaway event, join our Discord chat and speak to any of our admins (Michael, Chris or Jennifer or CPPS News admins – Camden or Dev) who can provide further details.

Stay tuned for our first event which will be rolling out soon.
Follow us on Twitter to never miss an event! @SpeedyCPPSHQ

– Michael



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