“IT” Spooks Penguin Oasis + Halloween Updates

Happy Halloween!

If you’ve seen the film IT, or just have a love for clowns.. this spooky Halloween update may be for you!

Over at Penguin Oasis, we’re celebrating all things Halloween! But before getting to the spookier updates, let’s take a look at the new play page!

You may already notice the darker theme, to get things creepier, served with an animated glitchy-style logo. If you’re not a big fan of a darker play page, you can still visit the normal play page here. We personally love the dark theme!

Are you an igloo designer? Keep reading on to find out how you can put your skills to the test, later in this post!

Now we all know you’re here for the main attraction. So let’s get right to it!

What’s better than creepy clowns on Halloween? Penguin Oasis has made the unthinkable, reality. With its very own take on the film IT with Pennywise and his spooky lair.

To begin, login and head straight over to the Plaza. There you will find a storm drain. But this isn’t any ordinary storm drain.. something is watching us…

Will you be brave enough to face it? Or, will you be skeptical and think it’s just any old storm drain?

Big mistake. What happens next can only be explained via this gif.

Well, Typical Boy was smart here and knew to never travel alone (especially on Halloween).

Uh oh, looks like the wedding’s off.

Now after getting kidnapped by Pennywise, you will be brought directly into his lair. Behold, Pennywise’s underground lair:

Now that’s creepy. Good luck getting out of that one!

Make sure to have your volume on during this whole process, to get the full effect. You also may never know who may surprise you in the lair… watch out.

Now if that wasn’t creepy enough, the creativity turns to you. Penguin Oasis will be holding a spooky Halloween igloo contest! The rules are simple, simply create a spooky Halloween igloo, and the winners will be announced on Halloween night!

In order to submit your igloo to the judging team, you are required to save your igloo under the name HW2017 Submission via the igloo manager. To do this, simply check out this awesome tutorial by Typical Boy (yes, he escaped Pennywise’s lair).

After that, do no more! It has been automatically submitted for judging.

Are you an iOS user?

Recently, Penguin Oasis has launched their very own iMessage sticker pack! This free sticker pack is filled with 18 emojis (including 3 Halloween-themed emojis) to send and share via iMessage with your friends! Simply head right on over to the iMessage app store and download it today. You can download it here. 

Hahaha… sorry Rony. My refrigerator just loves long walks on the beach.

To wrap it up, Penguin Oasis has revealed more information on its upcoming updates! There are massive things to come, and part 1 of the brand new update will be launched in the coming weeks. Oasis is also taking on suggestions for its future updates. If there is anything you’d like to see, simply let them know via a Support ticket, as stated right here:

As always, we’re taking suggestions and ideas from you guys to help shape the future of Penguin Oasis. We’re not quite finished with these updates yet, so your ideas could still be put into place! Submit a support ticket under the “Suggestion” category and our team will be sure to consider each and every thought you have.

That’s all for now! Happy Halloween!

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