IPenguin’s Epic Return


Hi Y’all

An old server returns with epic new updates. Today is the moment iPenguin will return to our beloved CPPS community. Not only does this AS2 site aim to please every player but it promises an experience like no other. Owner ICPBlawg brings back this server with new features and an innovative look like no other.

First, we’ll start with iPenguin’s never before seen map that is so unique you’ll have to look twice. The map shows a picture of where your penguin is and a box that you check to waddle to new areas.

The picture above shows a three-dimensional penguin and an arrow that redirects to the site. Such innovation and phenomenal looks are what iPenguin is all about. The server welcomes you with a staff team that is both attentive and courteous. A support page will be available to open tickets and answer any questions the player has about the site.

The screenshot above shows the new and improved chat bar; it’s so easy to navigate that it’s unreal! Here a player, at the touch of a button can communicate and perform the many actions of their penguin.

Above you see the town and in settings, you can actually change the screen to exhibit different towns. Another cool feature is the closet and in here you can change the hues and update your penguin to the latest fashion flair. Simply slide the Item Hue button and presto a new outfit. In the bar below in the closet, you have the option for head items, hand items, and much more.

In Preferences, you can change your settings to manipulate a color for bubble and name settings.

As you can see by the screenshot above your penguin will be able to perform different activities weekly in order to gain coins and “level up” this will definitely be interesting!

In the box to the right in this screenshot, it shows your penguin online. I can’t keep my excitement from breaking loose! Today iPenguin will return bigger and better than ever. More to come in the coming days so stay tuned my fellow Speedy Readers.





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