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Hi guys,

iPenguin has recently updated their website to now feature a F.A.Q. to answer some of your burning questions! This comes after the database situation that occurred earlier this month.

iPenguin has officially gone under major construction on June 20th, 2016 for major website updates and improvements and we should be back soon. – We have added a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below to help you with some questions you might have.

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When should iPenguin return?

Our Development Team is working hard to bring iPenguin back up and we hope to have iPenguin back up before July 1st. – We cannot promise any permanent date for when iPenguin will return yet.

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What new updates will be coming to iPenguin?

We will be bringing many new and unique features to iPenguin while iPenguin is down and a new unique design for the game as well as making iPenguin more secure and we will also bring more activities and unique parties as well to make iPenguin more fun!

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Will iPenguin be hiring more staff soon?

Yes! iPenguin will be hiring more staff once we return and we will also be accepting non-experience users to go into training!

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That’s right! We could see iPenguin return before the end of the month, which isn’t long now.

iCPBlog has also made note about the breach, and what they will be doing to correct this issue:

Please note that once iPenguin is back up, we will allow everyone to change their password due to the breach that have happened on June 8th

Source: iPenguin Discord Chat – #announcements

You are encouraged to contact [email protected] if you have any further questions on iPenguin.

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