iPenguin – What’s Coming in May…?

Hey Penguins,

iCPblog made a post on the iPenguin blog not too long ago, and he seems to be explaining what’s coming to iPenguin in May. Before he mentioned anything legitimate, and you’ll see what I mean by that in a minute, he explained that he was not allowed to write such a post as it is –

TOP SECRET! I am writing this blog post before anyone can catch me and stop me. I am going to be giving you an exclusive sneak peek on what is coming in may on iPenguin!


What’s shown is an eye-straining image below –

Hmm. To me, it looks like it says “IT’S A PARTY!!!” but I can’t tell. After that, he let the truth come loose –

APRIL FOOLS! I am not going to give it up that easily!

Well, I mean, it was April 1st yesterday! When the post was made, it was on this day! So, you could be expecting that. Later on in the post, iCPblog did say that he would show us an exclusive sneak peek that has been worked on for awhile now, and a rather baffling image is provided in the blog post, which is this exact picture –

Is this what I think it is?! I can feel my excitement level begin to increase! Hey, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then this is awesome! Even if you’re unsure of what this image may be, though we all are, I believe everybody has an idea in mind. iCPblog did state that he does not know when this will release to us. He did say that along with this feature will come several other features though! Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long to come to iPenguin.

Be sure to check iPenguin’s blog every once in awhile to see if there are any updates on the features that are coming soon to this ever growing CPPS! We’d love to have you come on the game with us and make fun memories and enjoy everything as it is, along with the many custom features on iPenguin!

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