iPenguin – Video Contest!

Hey everyone,

iPenguin has decided to host a contest! They have not been so big with contests, so seeing that there’s finally one being hosted, everyone is as excited as ever! Everything is explained in one post on their blog.

Flame, the new co-owner of iPenguin, has recently just made a post on the contest, explaining the rules and what video editing software you can use if you do not already have a program for it. The prizes are huge, and they’re like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Be sure to join, as this is going to be one huge contest!

Not only is it beneficial to iPenguin, which in making a simple Youtube video results in advertising the CPPS, but what you receive if you’re in the top 3 is super sweet! –

Some prizes include for our winners:

  • 1ST PLACE: VIP(if you don’t have it already), subtext change(the VIP under your name), 100k credits, a blog post displaying your video and any comments you have.
  • 2ND PLACE: VIP(if you don’t have it already), 50k credits, and a blog post displaying your video.
  • 3RD PLACE: 10k credits, and a blog post displaying your video.

How can you not take take part in something as big as this? Remember to have fun posting the videos, and make sure you follow all of the rules! When you’ve completed your video, you can submit it in the comments. The iPenguin staff can’t wait to see what you’re going to show them!

You can find the blog post itself here. Come on and join the fun! iPenguin awaits your amazing video editing skills!

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