iPenguin Releases Party + New Features!

Hello everybody,

iPengu.in has just updated not too long ago and they have released many new surprises that users have been looking forward to for awhile now. Here’s the thing, when you go to iPenguin’s play page, there is a message at the top – actually, two:kzGzpWE

For the first message, iCPblog has released a contacting form for any users who may need help with something, but are unable to reach a staff member for whatever reason. The second message is in red and is telling you to clear your cache because iPenguin has updated, telling you to click to learn more. But the question is, what are the updates?

Let me show you what’s new.

iPenguin’s screen to play, register, and login was given a clean, fresh new look –d9wViQK

Before the update, this was very different. Any iPenguin players would know this for sure!

iPenguin has also updated for when you are picking a server. Although there is only one server as of right now, it shows the amount of users online right next to the server name. Pretty cool huh?

Upon logging in, you will find that the town looks totally different! –ZcvmZlf.png

This is for the Christmas party, it’s pretty great if you ask me! As you can also see, there is a bucket of coins for the “Coins for Change” that Club Penguin does every year for their Christmas parties. When you click on it, you are shown this –ySj8nLM

You are given the option to donate your credits. Credits are earned through mini games such as Hydro Hopper and you can use them as of right now to either buy VIP, or use credits to throw into the Coins for Change!

Another great thing is that you are now given 1,000 credits every 5 minutes JUST FOR BEING ACTIVE! You can stay on iPenguin for a bit and be given a big amount of credits which you can use to donate to the Coins for Change and/or to buy VIP with!

Now, we move on to the in-game features…

iPenguin has thrown in many amazing and brand new features users were told about and had patiently waited for for the longest time.

Guess what else was released? MUSIC ON PLAYERCARDS!EyfOacD

Yup, you read that correctly! Now you can smash one of your favorite tunes on to your playercard, and whenever somebody clicks you, they can hear your music! Fun, is it not?!

But wait, we are not done yet! Other settings were added that are rather very useful –I7hAQry.png

Keep in mind that iCPblog is still working on these settings, so there still may be a few bugs and glitches here and there.

Upon all of this, the option to marry someone has also finally released! –QlVyzA2

Now you can marry a close friend, a partner, or whoever you play iPenguin with that is close to you.

But wait, there’s more!


Events for iPenguin and Christmas this year have yet to come 100%. This is still being worked on, but it is good to know!

iCPblog has mentioned some of the features listed here in his most recent blog post. Yes, he released the new features and party early! Woohoo!

Well, what are you waiting for? Come join us on iPenguin and check out these new features, the new party, and so much more!

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