iPenguin – Puffles?! + More!

Hi everyone,

A few days ago, iPenguin went into maintenance mode for a short while. Of course, this was for the big update the staff over on the CPPS had been promising since April. Once the server was turned back on, I was greeted with a puffle login screen…

Upon looking more into the CPPS once I had logged on, I saw this in the corner –

Oh my goodness, puffles are out! Let’s see what happens when we click the blue puffle button…

Hey, there’s a lot to choose from! I’m going to get myself an orange puffle.

Hold the phone, tricks work?! Yes, they certainly do! iPenguin is the first ever AS2 CPPS to have puffles with working tricks. I’m truly amazed! Of course, along with walking the puffle, you can let it sleep, eat, play, and other things!

So, what else is waiting for everyone on iPenguin? Before the updates, the igloos sometimes had error messages. Now they are fixed, and you can decorate your igloo to your heart’s desire! Hopefully igloo likes will come in the future as well!

Oh, and one last thing, the playercards have been completely redesigned —

They look absolutely amazing, right? The wait for these new updates was totally worth it. I think you should come see more for yourself on this truly amazing CPPS and make yourself comfy! I would love to see you online!

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