iPenguin Introduces New VIP Commands + More!

What’s up, Penguins?

iPenguin has not failed to impress us once again with their amazing custom features and originality. So, Jennifer, what has come to iPenguin now?

Let’s get to that.


As of right now, upon clicking the ornament, you will find that you can finally transform into a crystal puffle, as iCPblog had promised! –omg


Now, we move on to the new loading screen — wait, what? A new loading screen?iepgnuisn.png

I think it has a little bit of music too! Original, is it not?

Let’s move on to the new commands.

On iPenguin, as a VIP, you can now make the bot dance, sit, or wave (Keep in mind these are not the only things you can do as a VIP user)!




Thank you for volunteering to help me with my post, Gingerbread! Now, you may think, but Jennifer, VIP is expensive! 10,000 credits is a whole lot! Why yes, yes it is. However, as said before, you get 1,000 credits every 5 to 10 minutes just for being active! So, as a matter of fact, it will definitely not take you that long to get VIP.

On a very recent iPenguin blog post made by myself, I also state that Penguin Glow has released in the credits store. As seen in the pictures above, you can easily notice that quite a few penguins are glowing a certain color. This has not been seen around much in the CPPS community before, so a lot of users are happy to see this new feature in iPenguin. –




How much is it? 15,000 credits, as you can see. It will not take very long to get, I promise!

iCPblog has also added another VIP command being !emoteall. You can add an ID of an emote at the end. For example, !emoteall 19 makes everyone fart! Haha. Everyone in the room will do the emote, except you, and only you can see them doing it. Nobody else can see it, so it’s a fun command to mess around with!


Here is a small crowd I used the command on and the ID of the emote.

VIP users can also now use !goto. This is very useful for finding a friend who may have suddenly disappeared in the game. They can also now clone users!

iCPblog has told us that ring glow will be coming to the credits store as well. We don’t know exactly when it was coming, but it will be for sure. He also said that custom items and interfaces may be coming later on, too. New commands are also being created and the staff are taking any suggestions of other commands not put up via contact form. Get excited iPenguin players, this is something you do not want to miss!

“I’m guessing that’s all iPenguin has, Jennifer–”


No. One more thing. A really fun command has been added. The command is called !blend. It does as it says. You blend in! There are different types of blends —

Would you look at how freaking AWESOME that is?! Okay, now you can go. I know that was a lot to say. Whew, I’m out of breath.

Come join the awesomeness on iPenguin and be sure to try out these new awesome features and commands!!

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I hope I see you on iPenguin!

Have fun,



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