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Hey Penguins,

iCPblog has done a great job working on iPenguin, just like he always has since October. When Speedy CPPSHQ last heard from iPenguin, the trade system had just released. Now, ever since then, this CPPS has improved massively! The Credit Store has gained a lot more features and items to buy, and today I will be showing you that, as well as a few other things and a command or two!

iPenguin has released a command that anyone can use. To simply put it, it makes you moonwalk. Here is what you have to do, and what happens after you move –

So the command is !moonwalk on

Wow! To turn it off, you can just say !moonwalk off. Hey, I mean, it’s a great command to have fun with, and I sure as heck will admit myself that I always mess around with the moonwalk command!

Now, for the next topic, iPenguin has finally released speed – a feature suggested by several users. This is self-explanatory – you can use it to go faster or slower than your average sped penguin!

For 14,000 credits, get speed today!

A user gets 1,000 credits just for being active every 5 to 10 minutes, so getting this credit store feature will not take long at all! The normal penguin speed is 4. So if you say !speed 50, you’ll go lightning fast! If you say !speed 1, you’ll go really slow! It’s an awesome command, and it makes iPenguin even more fun to play!

Moving on, another thing released in the credit store are custom backgrounds. There are only 2 as of right now, but they sure do look awesome! Not only that, they are animated, and they’re very stylish!


Both are only 2,500 credits. When you buy them, they add up to 5,000, so that is not much considering. Let’s see what they look like on a user –

It’s animated, I promise!
Holy smokes!

They’re totally worth the credits, take that from me. Thank you so much for these backgrounds, iCPblog!

As we keep progressing into the new features, I can see that they have added a new menu for penguins –

Simple, but useful!

With the click of a button, on this menu, you can add somebody without having to go to their profile. The other options being close and view the user’s profile, I can say that this menu is rather nice!

A topic many iPenguin players have asked me about is what the March party is for this month. iCPblog has given me permission to provide you with one sneak peek! It may not sound like a lot, but from looking at the image, you can tell it’s going to be a rather interesting party!


It seems it has something to do with the EPF. But why is Gary caged up? What happened? Well, I guess we will see when iCPblog releases the party later on! Don’t miss it!

iPenguin is also releasing custom items. Nobody knows exactly when, but they will be coming out eventually! Though it may take awhile, I know it will be worth the wait! When the custom items release, they will likely be for sale in the Credit Store, costing certain amounts!

For the final update, iPenguin will also be releasing some type of game server soon. A few of the staff know what the game is that will be played, but nobody is allowed to say anything YET. Just be prepared, because when it does come out, it will be like nothing you have ever seen before on a CPPS. Remember to keep your eyes open, and please do join us on iPenguin!

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