iPenguin Flooded?! + Trade Released!

Hey Penguins,

Upon logging into iPenguin, something seemed fishy. I looked all around the island and then I later realized something…oh wait…a flood?! I’ve never seen anything like this.

ipeng flood

Who could have done that? I mean, the person posting this couldn’t have possibly done it…right? Okay okay, fine. You got me. Let’s take a look around the island.

ipeng flood2

Look at that! The fountain is still flooding as we speak. As you can see, the bench I squared is floating upwards. At least you can still see the surface of the water, right? Maybe I did a little too much damage to the island…

ipeng flood3

As I entered the Snow Forts, I noticed there was still no change in how much water was in the room. Sigh…let’s keep checking.

ipeng flood4.png

Hey, what in the world are those things for?! I guess it’s protection for the rooms so the water does not enter the Puffle Hotel the Pizza Parlor, or the Forest. This is a rather interesting “party” if you want to call it that. I checked the Forest and the Cove, and thank goodness there was no flood there. The blocking of the doors worked! However, this was not my intention for the flood to become a party, considering it’s shown on the loading screen –

ipeng flood5

This is a mess, would you say the same thing?

ipeng flood6

Okay, well, that’s awkward. This flood is seriously out of hand. Those poor chairs, and that poor bucket…

The good news is, some rooms on the island were saved and blocked off from the water. At least we don’t have to drown 24/7 then!

Come join us on iPenguin to check out this interesting flood whenever you have the time!

Hey, don’t stop reading here! I am not done.

When you click someone’s playercard on iPenguin, you can easily notice there is a new button added.


The question is, what does it do? Why, it’s trade, of course!

As of right now, you can only trade credits –


Thank you ROCKnGEM for willing to help me with this post by opening trade with me! It’s still a little bit buggy, but any bugs already found will be fixed as soon as possible. Since you can only do credits right now, you can type in your trading offer by typing in an amount of credits. Let’s say you wanted to trade your friend 500 credits, or even just simply give them the credits. In “Your Offer”, you would type in “500 credits” and click Accept Trade. As you wait for an accept or a decline…


…Your friend would put an amount of credits in as well, and they would accept it. Shortly after, it will say that your trade was successful –


Thank you manyotps for willing to help me with the trade! After you finish trading, you can just simply refresh the room for your credits. Trading is still being worked on. Eventually, you may be able to trade more such as penguin glow, VIP, or what ever else may be coming to iPenguin’s way!

iCPblog also stated in his latest blog post that even more features will be coming to iPenguin soon. However, he hid them in a word search. Keep your eyes open and look as hard as you can for these 5 hidden features!

Welp, that wraps this up. Come join everybody on iPenguin! Come see this insane flood and the new trade feature today with more coming soon!

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