Introducing the ‘ServCPPS Community’ & ServCPPS downtime

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Recently iCPblog (The founder of ServCPPS) has launched a new kind of networking site, mostly aimed at his CPPS ServCPPS.

This ‘community’ is very similar to Twitter, which allows you to follow write a short update and favourite items. You can also unlock certain achievements, which can put you on the point leader-board. Some examples of achievements are: Changing your Display Picture, Registering on ServCPPS or sending a friend request.

This website also has a blogging section, which allows you to blog about particular things. If your post get’s approved, you will also unlock the ‘My First Post’ achievement.

It’s already a ton of fun – you can’t miss out! – A quote made by ‘TooGood’

Link to ServCPPS Community:


Moving onto the downtime, I was on ServCPPS today for a few hours today, and was completely unsure what was going on. I am going to let TooGood’s post explain everything:

Earlier today, ServCPPS had some downtime, because Marv was back.  It was not like the outbreak about a month ago though, because when Marv hacked ServCPPS in October/November, ServCPPS was online, Marv made himself admin, banned a lot of users, modded lots of users, it was chaotic.
Some people believe that today Marv just shut the servers down for a while causing the downtime, but iCPblog, another owner of ServCPPS said that Waltdisney6 was to blame.  Waltdisney has attempted to take down ServCPPS earlier on months ago, but like today, he failed.
ServCPPS went back online, after Waltdisney put the servers back online — that is what some users believe, whatsoever, what EXACTLY happened behind the scenes is unknown.
ServCPPS is currently offline because the VPS is down.  Not because it is hacked or anything.
ServCPPS should be back up shortly.

Credits to the ServCPPS Updates blog. You may visit their blog here:


ServCPPS is now currently completely safe. I was actually there where this happened, I’ve heard a few users discussing about ServCPPS being hacked.

“Everyone hide! The cpps is getting hacked!” – A user said.

ServCPPS is now currently being more advanced, starting off with these amazing new loaders which have came our recently. The theme is now Green & Red, which are of course Christmas Colours.

All news and events about ServCPPS can all be discussed on the “ServCPPS Community”.

More news will be shared as soon as it is released.

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– Robot2


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