Introducing: Speedy CPPSHQ Community Chat


Speedy CPPSHQ Community Chat

Over the past few months, we have developed a sense of love for the popular networking chat platform called Discord. Discord is like no other, it not only allows the community to grow a stronger connection together, but also allows an easier method of communication.

Many of you may already be familiar with Discord, with Mirai breaking out to the scene followed by Matt’s CPPS, iPenguin & even uberPenguin. We have participated and watched this movement grow. So we thought of something that could combine it all together, group everyone together instead of separating. We have developed a hub like no other, for the community to call home, regardless of what CPPS you are from.

blaSpeedy CPPSHQ

We would now like welcome you all to the official Speedy CPPSHQ Community Discord chat. This chat is thriving with fun and plenty to do, so lets take you through what we offer.

Verified CPPS Staff Rank

We’ve brought on a special rank for any CPPS Staff member, across any CPPS. If you are a staff member, regardless which position, and the CPPS you are staff on is currently active, you’ve met the requirements to earn this rank. All we require is some proof that you are a staff member, and you’ve earned the rank! Right now, the it is currently a rank separated away from the regular members. Although, we have some big plans coming for this rank which will be added benefits to not only the members within this rank, but to the CPPS they are from. Stay tuned!

Music Channel

Cheers drink to that! Music lovers, this one is for you. We all know you’re exploding in excitement like a firework, on the news of a music channel. We have hired a very special bot to take care of anything music, but all we need from you is the music the bot can play.

We offer a Music Bot to play any YouTube url. To request a song, go to the #music-request channel, and say “-play (followed by the YouTube url)”. The song will then be queued for playing. In order to request a song, you are required to join the voice channel called “Music Channel“. You cannot speak within this channel, but instead will be able to hear all music queued to play. Within the #music-request channel you can also see every song that has been queued by saying -queue. If you would like a song skipped, ask a Speedy CPPSHQ Staff member to skip the song for you.

music channel

Voice Channel

Skype group calls can now be a thing of the past! We have enabled a Voice channel for those who prefer to speak instead of type. You can join this channel by simply clicking on speedy-voice-channel, and talk away! This can be a greater way of meeting new people via speech.

Levels + Leaderboard

To encourage activeness & competitiveness we have added a leaderboard. Everytime you post a message you get a random number of XP between 5 and 10. To avoid flood, you can only gain xp once per minute. In the server, you can type !rank to get your rank and your level. This means the more active you are in the chat, the higher the level you are. Furthermore, you can also view a leaderboard of which place you are on the board, here.


The Speedy CPPSHQ Community Chat welcomes everyone! We encourage you to all share discussions on any CPPS, share urls to your own or upcoming server, you can even see if anyone is interested in working for your server! This chat encourages advertising and promotion of CPPSes, but not to the degree where it becomes a nuisance or is unreasonable. Never spam or flood the chat with a url to a CPPS, or continue to force users to join the server if they do not want to. We do not want to have interruptions within the environment we are all a part of.

To join the chat, you have two methods:

If you already have Discord, enter in: https://discord.gg/0128hKOPZg5Q04LOB within the ‘Join a Server’ option.

If you are new to discord, or do not have an account visit: http://www.speedycppshq.com/chat

Discord will be a key focus over the next month into our massive plans for Speedy CPPSHQ. You won’t want to miss what we have planned for you!

If you have any questions, you can ask any of our Speedy CPPSHQ staff members within the Discord chat who will be happy to assist.

We hope to see you there,



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