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Hello everyone,

Today I have visited Portal Penguin, and I’d like to say, it looks awesome already! Would you look at that Home page?

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 8.24.12 pm

You think the Home Page looks great, just wait until you see the Register page. As you can see in the image above, Portal Penguin is a brand new Club Penguin Private Server, it has finished most of its updates, but there is more to come! The manager is running smoothly, so you might want to check it out! Also, Portal Penguin is looking for Staff. If you’re interested in applying, send your application to Leth, the Main Founder. His email is [email protected].

Register Page

Now onto the Register page, my favourite. Like any other CPPS, the page is decorative, and also type in what the image says, so you verify if you’re a bot or not. The background of this is all Christmas-y, and you’re all probably wondering why. Well, Portal Penguin has a Christmas themed Town, which is what is set in the background in the image above.

Portal Penguin has very nice Staff, so if you’re in a pickle, here’s a list of all the Staff members who can help:

  • Staff Leader: Jennifer
  • Owners: Ethan and Angelina
  • Moderators: Cody, Imandrew and Jonas
  • Main Founder/Creator: Leth

If you run into these Staff members, be sure to say hello. Don’t be scared, they don’t bite! And also, you may talk to them if you need a question, have a problem or if you’re being bullied/harassed, etc.

Feeling bored, nothing to do. Want to listen to music, but you don’t know which to choose? Well, not to worry, because Portal Penguin has their very own Radio!

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 7.35.18 pm

CPPS Radio. There are two buttons on the Radio, one for stopping the music, and the other for playing. You may also move the CPPS Radio around if it’s bugging you. You can drag it to the top of the screen, bottom or the side. The Radio can also completely disappear by dragging it outside the game, if you wish. The Radio may have some music with inappropriate swearing, but that’s okay. The Radio bleeps out the bad words, so that way you can listen to music without the swearing!

Portal Penguin also has a list of commands. My favourite would have to be changing my penguin’s blend mode. Here’s the list of all commands:

  • !Ai – Adds an item.
  • !AF – Adds any furniture item to your igloo.
  • !addallcolors – Adds all penguin colors.
  • !addallbelts – Adds all Card Jitsu belts.
  • !IGLOO – Changes your igloo type. Example: !IGLOO 8.
  • !FLOOR – Changed your igloo floor. Example: !FLOOR 5. Type !FLOOR without an ID to revert to the default floor.
  • !MUSIC – Changes your igloo music. Example: !MUSIC 3. Type !MUSIC without an ID to remove music.
  • !AC – Adds specific numbers of coins.
  • !SS [x] [y] – Changes your penguin’s size. Example: !SS 200 200
  • !SA – Sets your penguin’s transparency to any number between 0-100. Example: !SA 40
  • !BL [normal/invert/add/subtract/multiply/erase/different/hardlight] – Changes your penguin’s blend mode. Example: !BL subtract
  • !Ssdisable – Disables the !SS penguin size from showing on your screen.
  • !Ssenable – Re-enables the !SS penguin size showing on your screen.
  • !JR – Joins a room by its ID.
    !ID – Get your Player ID. Example: If your ID is 1000, you are the 1000th person to register.
  • !PIN – Changes your pin.
  • !clone – Changes clothing item to those of another user.
  • !pm [user] [message] – Private message a user in the room. Example: !PM Leila Hello.
  • !up – Changes your penguin to a mascot. Example: !up Rockhopper.
  • !ping – If the bot replies “Pong”, you are connected.
  • !g2g – Tell everyone you have to go.
  • Three more commands that are a work in progress:
  • !Mood – Alternate way to set your mood. Example: !mood Hello World
  • !Marry – Marry someone.
  • !Unmarry – Divorce someone


Portal Penguin has more updates coming, they still have a lot more to do. They will be making custom rooms and Find Four is being worked on. And also, LOTTERY SYSTEM is coming soon. Be sure to stay tuned for more information, I can’t wait for the Lottery System to arrive!

And last but not least, for those who are questioning about NG/BC, NG/BC are being given out for FREE for the first 100! Make sure to register now for your free NG/BC, ask a Staff member to add it for you!

Say, "Speedy CPPSHQ!"

And that’s a wrap, thanks for reading my post. After visiting Portal Penguin, I thought wow, I’d like to see this community grow. The Staff are very nice, the users finding new friends. Join Portal Penguin, today!



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