Introducing OrbitPenguin!

Hey everyone!

Today i have some exciting news for you guys! A new CPPS named OrbitPenguin will be arriving very soon! I interviewed the owner and asked a few questions to see what the CPPS will have to offer

What security will the CPPS have to keep players information safe?

“I will be adding DDOS protection, I will also be adding 2FA authentication. And I will not be using MD5.”

What features/events will OrbitPenguin have

“I will have custom rooms/parties every month, a snowball server, and features unique features like marry/bff and music requesting”

What will your staff be like and if they cannot answer a users question what actions could that user take to get the question answered?

“My staff are experienced and we will have a support page for any unanswered questions some users may have.”

When do you plan to release?

“I plan to release OrbitPenguin around may”

What is your favorite thing about OrbitPenguin right now?

“For sure has to be the snowball server”

Can the players expect parties?

“Yes, we will have monthly parties with custom rooms!”

What is this CPPS going to be older style CP or newer style CP (as2 or as3)

“It will be older style CP (as2)”

What safety protocols will you take if their is an attack on your server?

“I will shut the server down, then notify the staff team to all change their passwords immediately.”

Finally What you can expect the home screen to look like, (Zore didn’t want to show the play page because of the look is being kept secret for now)

Well guys I think it looks really nice, tell me your opinions on this upcoming CPPS I’d love to hear!

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Hope you enjoyed this post ~Toxic


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