Introducing F U T U R E


Hi guys!

Over the past few weeks, Speedy CPPSHQ has been busy working on a brand new project. This project isn’t for us, but instead is a present for you.

Welcome to F U T U R E

F U T U R E will be for young minds, it’s a tool for this generation of CPPS players to grab onto. We want you to inspire and showcase your stories, as we have been taking much of that spotlight. It’s time to turn the tables and give out opportunities.

Your invitation.

F U T U R E is different. It will become an open blog, allowing anyone to register and post anything they desire (that has something to do with CPPSes) on the blog. The possibilities are endless, with no limitations, we’re inviting not only you, but your voice. We want you to voice your word on anything, whether it’s just CPPS news coming from developers or CPPS staff,  or the latest gossip. You don’t need to make your posts professional, it doesn’t need to be written perfectly, it’s an open blog for content to be shared and read, like a social network.

  • Are you a CPPS owner? Is there something you really need to get out to the public, such as an upcoming update that you want the public to see, and you really want to make that post.
    F U T U R E is your tool.
    Do you really love a certain CPPS? Do you dream about writing about updates or events that CPPS has or will have, do you like talking about the latest gossip from that CPPS? Such as your friend named bobby whose birthday is tomorrow!
    F U T U R E is your tool.
  • Do you want a voice? Is there something that has been bugging you for so long and nobody is putting it out there, and you need it out there? Is a CPPS doing something that you know isn’t right and is covering it up? Is somebody causing problems within the community and you’ve had enough?
    F U T U R E is your tool.
  • Do you have a group on a CPPS? Do you want to lure more people into joining your group? Do you want to post updates of your group?
    F U T U R E is your tool.
  • Are you someone reading this and desire to start your blogging career? Get noticed? Make your opinion heard in the community? Wanting to advertise your latest project to the community? Is someone with little to no experience have the desires to start somewhere?
    F U T U R E is your tool.

The sky’s the limit. F U T U R E isn’t just all about written posts, we’re also talking visuals and audio! If you love designing, drawing or just really love taking pictures on CPPSes, drop in a post with some of your work that you are wanting to share. Even if you run your own site, and want more people to see your posts, deploy them on F U T U R E! We love seeing content created by the community!

We’re excited to finally have a blog for the CPPS community, which is completely controlled by YOU! This revolutionary tool will accelerate the way you find and receive news, entertainment and events all powered by you.

We’ve done our best answering all your burning questions on future here: FAQ
We’ve also answered many troubleshooting questions here: Troubleshooting

If you haven’t worked out already, there will be no applications or wait to join this new service. All you are required to do is register an account, with the link below and you can begin posting away, with no limitations! Please make sure you do read the FAQ first as it answers everything you need to know about our new service.

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We hope you take advantage of this new service and enjoy creating exciting content. As Speedy CPPSHQ is powering this new project, expect to hear more about it soon.




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