Introducing CPEmu: A better Club Penguin

Hey guys!

Today I will be introducing you to a brand new CPPS called ‘CPEmu‘!

This CPPS is the successor of xCPPS and CPEmulator, which were both created by John. John has taken a long break and now is back to put his skills back in action and create this wonderful bundle of joy now today known as CPEmu.

Welcome to CPEmu, a brand new up-to-date Club Penguin Private Server. We do things a little differently here…We take pride in keeping our server up-to-date, with the latest igloos, furniture, items, and parties, and while still making our server a great place for you to chat with friends and have fun! So come along, and join us. We promise it’ll be worth it.

That’s a tough promise to keep. A lot of servers have tried and failed to keep their cpps up-to-date, could this cpps be any different from the rest?

CPEmu has very basic commands but cpps’ aren’t always about commands, right? It’s all about who you spend your time with, which is exactly this cpps’ purposes, to socialize within a virtual chatroom.

CPEmu is run by John, Cyberwolf and Dan, who are all well known, trusted cpps developers who like to keep things well organised. This cpps isn’t a messy game with all these glitz and glamour, but a more relaxing cpps which you should all enjoy.

Notice CPEmu is short for CPEmulator? Well these cpps’ are very very closely resembled.

Now time for some visuals,

The town. Notice the black namecolor around the player? Well that is only client-side meaning that you will be the only one who can see it. The dock is getting ready for a party, which kicks off very soon! The catalogs are filled with brand new stock! Most of the new stock is in relation to an upcoming party, in this case, the Medieval party!

There is only one way to find out how good this CPPS is, which is for you to test it out. Give it a go today.

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Speedy CPPSHQ Rates this cpps: 4/5 stars. Great cpps, with basic features.

Kind regards,

– Robot2

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