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ComplusCP is a brand new AS2 server that has made it’s advertising campaign on social media and CPPS chat boxes. ComplusCP is owned by the previous owner of BringBack2009 – Shaun. This server focuses on basic features. Let’s see what ComplusCP is all about.

ComplusCP currently offers a rank called VIP. VIP is a rank with these perks:

  • Nameglow
  • Namecolor
  • Custom Items
  • Access to the VIP and Staff Lounge Secret Room
  • Nickname Changer*
  • Playercard Designer*
  • Connection to servers using our paid-dedicated servers¹
  • Higher chance of receiving staff

This is a quote from ComplusCP’s website.

ComplusCP is currently in the beta stages, lasting one week. These beta stages come along with a party – the beta party! To see this for yourself, I recommend that you check out ComplusCP.

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