Introducing Club Penguin Army Servers!


Their name says it all – Club Penguin Army Servers!

Club Penguin Army Servers was released a few days ago, and it caught my eye, because this is a CPPS the first of it’s kind, an army server. Club Penguin Army Servers are built for Club Penguin Armies, they have a server all to themselves now to battle against each other. This server is a plain CPPS, with none really special features like nameglow or bubblecolor.  Jd3y4vcIf you’re an army looking to battle, this server is right for you! This server was created by “TheBester5”. You can also use this server to chat with friends, and just have fun!

Club Penguin Army Servers serves a unique purpose!

To play Club Penguin Army Servers, click here.

To visit their homepage, click here.

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