Interviewing Skipper

Hey there, penguins!

It’s Dallas here, bringing you a interview with Skipper, a staff on the CPPS known as FreePenguin!

  1. How long have you been playing FreePenguin?
    Around 600 days in-game

  2. What is your favorite feature on FreePenguin?
    The custom transformations that we have in game, especially the doge transformation.

  3. What do you dislike about FreePenguin?
    There isn’t much that I dislike, I haven’t found much that I dislike. Except that the updating process is slower than what it use to be.

  4. What improvements would you like to see from FreePenguin in the future?
    More custom transformations.

  5. How hard is it to moderate FreePenguin out of /10?
    Well, I’d give it a 8/10. We sometimes get the spammers who just never give up, and the ones who use VPNs. But, they’re easy to handle.

  6. Does FreePenguin have more features coming? If so, what kind?
    Not as far as I know, DJ_MuTeD our owner doesn’t really tell me or the other staff much about his future plans for the CPPS. But, maybe a few more updates to the party changer. Maybe.

  7. Do you play any other CPPS’, besides FreePenguin?
    No, I don’t. I haven’t found a CPPS that interests me more than Freepenguin.

  8. Out of /10, what would you rate FreePenguin?

That is the interview of Skipper! Skipper has one more thing to say…


Thank you, Skipper for taking your time to be interviewed, best of luck in the future with FreePenguin!

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