An Interview with Bones

Hey everyone!

Earlier I interviewed Bones, the owner of the much-awaited uberPenguin! To begin, I learned he’s a very friendly and chill guy.

You said something about you haven’t played a cpps since 2012. What inspired you to come back and help create a CPPS?

Both Lux and I have noticed how innovative CPPSes have gotten ever since then, so he invited me to join him in this adventure!

What do you think about the future of uberPenguin and how do you think it will change the community?

We hope to make uberPenguin one of the most creative servers out there. Our goal is to help change the community by making uberPenguin a place to get away from all the bullies and have some fun. The team is set on making uberPenguin a very user-friendly environment!

How many customized features are you planning for uberPenguin?

It may be about 9 customized features.

When do you think uberPenguin will be releasing?

uberPenguin is set to release in mid-July.

Are you planning to add new games, puffles, rooms and items for the users of uberPenguin?

We are planning on adding all multiplayer games, puffles, and many custom rooms/items available to ALL users

Are you going to add a VIP rank and will normal users get access to some of the SPECIAL features?

Again, uberPenguin is meant to be a fun place for everyone. I don’t think we’ll be adding a VIP feature because we plan on allowing anyone to buy special features with our currency system (which is received through games and contests).

I am looking to expect more things from uberPenguin! I would like to thank Bones from uberPenguin for making this interview possible.


RAYMOND (ATHARV12346 in-game)


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