Interview with an administrator from CPPS.io

Hello Everyone!

I’m very glad to be sharing with you all an interview we had with Skelebone the admin from CPPS.io! We’ve got some pretty interesting answers here so just keep reading on 🙂
Hello, I would like to first thank you for allowing me to interview you today and giving me some of your time! Thank you so much! To begin, I’d like to ask how did CPPS.io begin and how long has it been running for now?

No problem! 🙂 Well you see, what we now know as “CPPS.io” first began as ComplusCP on January 25th 2016. Eventually the name was changed from ComplusCP to CPPS.io to become more appealing.

What led you guys to decide on creating CPPS.io?

Well, I wasn’t around when the server was first created, I joined shortly after, however, the general idea was to relive the good old days of 2009 Club Penguin.

Do you guys have any goals, hopes, or plans that you’re hoping to reach for CPPS.io?

We have a few, for now our main goal is to stay up for as long as possible, we’ve recently had our one year anniversary and are hoping for more anniversaries to come!

Can you give us a little description of CPPS.io for people who have never played it?

CPPS.io is a Club Penguin Private Server (Club Penguin Clone) based on the 2009 days of Club Penguin, with old parties and classic items, play the games you love and meet new people, Club Penguin is gone but CPPS.io is here to stay.

What makes CPPS.IO special/why should people play CPPS.IO?

What makes CPPS.io special is the fact that it’s main purpose is reliving the days of 2009, bringing back old memories, not simply there as an alternative to Club Penguin but as a way to relive past glories! 🙂

What do you think of CP being shut down?

At first glance, CP being shut down seems rather sad, but when you stop to think about it then it’s more of a good thing, it’ll mean the CPPS community has a boost in popularity (Which it’s been needing) and CP has been going downhill due to disneys decisions anyway, at least this way Club Penguin ends on a semi-good note.
Is there anything else you’d like to mention before we end out interview?

All I’d like to say is thank you for the interview and thank you to whoever is reading! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading these answers just as I have!
See you around!


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