Interview: BlizzardCP

Hello everyone,
Today I’m introducing a new Club Penguin private server named BlizzardCP. A new AS2 Club Penguin private server owned by Bluemocha and DarthPalm that promises you a safe and fun playing! It offers free membership as well, so you don’t have to pay for anything. BlizzardCP will also have many custom rooms, unlike some other Club Penguin private servers. Moreover, it has unique parties that will never get you bored! The staff consists of two owners, two administrators, one developer, six designers, and two community managers. They’ll also hire more as soon as it’s released!

So let’s begin with an interview with Bluemocha the owner of BlizzardCP:

1. What type of security will you be using for BlizzardCP?
“For our security, we will be using ddos protection, and an IP Checker”.
2. Will normal users be able to use commands ( ! , # , ?) etc?
“No, we’re not going to give !ac or !ai, as we feel that ruins the game play”.
3. What will BlizzardCP focus on?
“BlizzardCP wants to focus on parties that will bring about an active community and wants to focus on an entirely new direction that we will decide on as a community.”
4. Is BlizzardCP AS2 or AS3?
5. Is there an opened beta period and for how long?
“Open beta starts immediately after major bugs have been fixed and staff and selected testers feel it will be fun for the public to enjoy. Open beta depends on how long bugs take to fix, but we don’t estimate too long as many bugs have already been fixed. So opened beta will be for a week or two most likely”.

These were some answers given by Bluemocha, special thanks to him for taking his time for the interview!

Don’t forget to join their discord!



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