Inside View: MystCP’S Never Before Seen Features


Today I would like to introduce to you three special never before seen features that MystCP would have had on their   server. The features were in beta testing and included a Test Store, All in- One Adder and Custom Background Uploader.  These trademarks were created by Lynx aka Neil and were also released to the public later after MystCP closed its doors.  These features that were released to the public were created during the beta testing process meaning they are incomplete but were completed later by both Shawn and Lynx.  Let me go ahead and brief you in short on what each of these features would have brought along.

First let me start off by introducing the Test Store:


The store as you see in this picture above was scroll-able making it easy for penguins to buy items.  In case you didn’t want to buy VIP to gain access to some of these cool features then you could buy them separately. These exclusive features including but not limited were Nameglow, Namecolor, Bubblecolor, Bubbleglow and Bubble Text Color.

The next feature I will introduce is the All -In One Adder which penguins could add items like clothing, furniture, and igloos by one simple touch of a button. The All-In One Adder would make it easier instead of saying a command that would normally be used on the CPPS site.




We now move onto to our last feature which is the Custom Background Uploader.  This feature would allow the user to make your own background and also be able to select an image via Google from your computer.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these exclusive three trademarks. That’s all for now and see ya next time.


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