Incoming CPPSCreator!

Hey, Penguins!

Today, I have made a decision to make a quick simple post on an upcoming contribution made by Jad, which is a simple CPPSCreator site. If many of you don’t know what that is then I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time making your own CPPS! I will later get into some explaining about CPPSCreator and what it offers. Let’s first get into an interview with Jad —-

What made you decide to remake CPPSCreator but in AS3?
“I wanted to do something new that the community never did, so I decided to create the first CPPSCreator in AS3.”

What are your future plans for CPPSCreator?
“Mish(Co-Founder) and I decided to make an update every month with features that will allow all CPPS Owners to play around and customize their cpps as much as possible such as custom items uploader and alot more.”

How long do you plan of keeping CPPSCreator up for?
“As long as we have active users that love our services, we will keep it up.”

Out of /10, How would you rate CPPSCreator as of now?
“Having the top 3 multiplayer games fully functional and a ton of features I would rate it 7/10 as it’s far from it’s real potential.”

How do you think users will react to the newly released CPPSCreator?
“We already got a good playerbase who is excited to play, so I expect almost everyone to love this, including spanish people as we’re gonna introduce a language selector very soon :wink:

Do you have anything else in mind you’d like to tell our readers?
“You might think these features are not many, but what we have in store for you is bound to help you make one of the best CPPSes.”

Those were some great, well written answers! Thank you Jad, for taking your free time off to sit back and answer these questions for me! Well, Aren’t any of you guys excited yet about the release? If not, I’ve got you covered, We’ll be getting into some game sneak peaks, manager panel which has all you need to make a great AS3 CPPS! Just to cover up the confusion, this is an AS3 CPPSCreator, many others have been AS2. Jad has been working hard to improve CPPSCreator and bring you your wanted features and features that will surely make a difference in your Club Penguin Private Server.. Well now you guys might be thinking this post has come to the boring part of the post, Well, no it actually hasn’t. Don’t leave yet, We’re just getting started! Let’s get into the working multiplayer games –

Above you can see two penguin’s. Do you guys know which game this is? That is correct, sled racing! Sled racing has been implemented and is fully functional for you sled racers!

Is that find four that I see? Yes, indeed! Find Four has also been implemented into the game! You can now play all multiplayer games! What do you guys think is next?? Well, let’s take a quick look!

Is that card jitsu that I see? Yes, that is! Jad implemented card jitsu! Most of you club penguin players have probably missed playing card jitsu, well here’s your chance to get right into it! It is fully functional and you can earn belts as well! One win equals the white belt, don’t miss out!

The one and only smoothie smash is back for all of you Club Penguin players! Smoothie smash is a wonderful game to play as an individual! Get going and smash some fruit!

Sound Studio is now available, create a song and listen to it at the night club!

Now, let’s get onto the manager panel –

Whoever you hire will show up here! You’ll also have a demote button option which automatically removes the role given.

This is what not game settings would look, except that you won’t have any rooms uploaded until you upload them yourself. The Main settings is what you would put and ‘Banned Users’ is where you can see who’s banned on your server. Pretty neat, right?

Here is an example of what the global command looks like, it will also appear when a user logs into the server to see who’s on.. Lastly, the homepage website design —


Here’s a simple snip of what the current homepage looks like.. What do you guys think? Beautiful right?

Well that’s all for now, I hope you all enjoyed this post and look forward to CPPSCreator!

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