Ice Covers SuperCPPS

It’s that time of the year where winter sets in and everyone packs away their warm-weather gear back in the closet, it’s the season where all the colorful rainbow looking scarfs are wrapped around the necks of each and everyone, it’s time to indulge in the season and embrace everything it has to bring forth.

It also turns out that winter to many, is the most exciting time of the year where a cup of hot chocolate and eggnog is very much the kind of items you’d like to have. Many also enjoy creating snowman’s outside their humble abode.

To elevate your spirits for this joyous season, superCPPS has not only completely revamped their server but as well brought in the winter party! 

Of course you got to! it’s the season of Christmas, logging into the game got me frozen! The town was almost covered with snow and the thermometer dipped to an all time low, unlike any other winter parties, this is by far the best I’ve ever seen


So I somehow decided to get my robot vest on and ventured into the coffee shop to grab a hot cup of coco so I could keep myself warm for the time being that I was waddling around the island.


Once I was inside, I took my vest off and had some lovely cups of cappuccino, even though it seemed like the weather was so cold and had the coffee shop frozen a bit. The cafe seemed to also make use of the excess snow to make ice creams but let’s not get into that or else you’ll catch a cold

                It also seems like the book room has been completely taken away and replaced with a rooftop lounge, where brownies and cake is served. Just have your order placed and the robot waiter will do the needful, so you may just sit back and relax in that huge comfortable cushion. If you’re also in the mood to dance, you can get on the dance floor and bust out your favorite moves, make sure you have a DJ


Moving on, you may have also noticed that superCPPS have completely revamped their server, not only did they bring in the winter fever, they’ve also changed the overall user experience with new icons, designs and much more!


The player-card has got an elegant design and the badges have also got a whole new look, everything has been perfectly placed. Not only are you able to view the player-card with ease but you can manage your penguin’s clothing, marry/bff and status without any issues.


New emoticons you say? Yes of course! As mentioned above, the icons have been redesigned and a small bunch of new emoticons have also been added to make interacting with other penguins more exciting. Although the only thing that disappointed me is the lag, the login time has been improved and you can now login to the game a whole lot faster.

Rest assured, each and every one of you should play superCPPS because it’s truly one of a kind, it deserves a huge audience and can surely be the change the community requires. I hope to see superCPPS around for the long run and I can’t wait to see what they have left in store! From the looks of it, they do indeed have a bright light and a narrow clean path ahead of them

That’s all for now folks, until next time.

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