Hyperboreal: Upcoming features

Woo! You must be wondering why am I so excited? It’s because when I contacted widd about Hyperboreal’s upcoming features he gave me tons of info about what Hyperboreal is planning and lots more! Enjoy the exclusive post presented by Speedy CPPSHQ. To get started widd listed me some upcoming features such as:

  • Multiplayer dance contest
  • Card Jitsu Fire & Water
  • statistics and leaderboards for multiplayer games
  • Website redesign
  • Embeddable player card widgets (so you can put your penguin on sites you own, etc)
  • Card Jitsu deck packs that are purchasable with coins

Cool right? I also asked him more info about the beta keys and when he will stop giving out those keys. He said:

“We’ll continue giving access only through beta keys for a little while longer”.

If you didn’t know, beta keys are the only way you can actually have a beta hat! Want to get a beta key? Visit their Twitter, so that you can win beta keys given by them and get a chance to test Hyperboreal!

The closed beta will end soon and then it will be public for testing, after closed beta all inventories will be wiped(except for beta hats on beta users). Catalogs will rotate once per month or maybe once per week/2 weeks, and parties will happen every few weeks starting with winter luau, the dock + some other party rooms on release. The mod apps might open, but they might allow applications when they go public.

Having problems with users? Getting bullied? No problem! Report systems will be done as well before release, chat logs for reports that are view-able to mods will be available so they can better solve issues. Although in the FUTURE they plan on making custom content such as rooms, items, etc. Just not for release.

Awesome right? I cannot believe it! This CPPS has everything fixed and I like the part where you can report others it is really useful.

Once again their Twitter and the Website.





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