Hyperboreal Public Launch!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that Hyperboreal- a new cpps- has just opened for public beta! This cpps has some seriously awesome things in store for all of you. If you’re wondering what this server is all about: read on and let me explain!

Firstly, Hyperboreal is different from your “average” CPPS. It has been expertly designed for a fast, virtually lag-free experience. This server has reverted back to the simplicity of old Club Penguin, but with it’s own special features added too! What does this mean for you?

You’ll notice that the Winter Luau is in effect. Party on!

More importantly: you can not add items to your inventory. Instead, you’ll be able to purchase them from the various catalogs around the island with coins. But don’t worry, the catalogs will rotate so that you can collect all of your favorite clothing and furniture items!

You’ll also need to earn your coins by playing games. It makes it all the more worthwhile! (Pssssssssst! Hyperboreal has also implemented an advanced anti-cheat system. Don’t fool around, no one likes a cheater!)

You’ll also be happy to note that the server offers two-factor authentication for all of it’s users- meaning that there is an extra layer of protection to keep your personal information safe! You’re able to set this up through your account settings. Make sure you use a valid email when you register in case you forget your password later!

Private Beta testers: Please note that all coins, items, ninja data, stampbooks, and igloos have been reset for public launch. You still get to keep your beta hat!

If you have not joined Hyperboreal yet, we’d love to have you come join in on the fun! Register by clicking here, or by entering https://hyperboreal.me/ in your search bar.

Also, make sure you follow them on Twitter and join their discord chat to stay in the loop!

Follow their Twitter here: @HyperborealCPPS
Join their Discord by clicking here

Thanks for reading,

  • Alanis


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