History of Armies, Part One

Let’s talk about something kind of controversial. Club Penguin Armies are a sub-community within Club Penguin Private Servers. I will be covering the basics of Armies and giving a brief and simplified version of Army history. I will be breaking up this post into two parts. After I publish the two parts, I will discuss how to solve the problem they cause. The Army Community consists of groups of people called Armies who battle for dominance over servers by participating in raids, wars, tournaments, and more. All the organized Armies have a blog and a chat.

Armies battle by chanting phrases/jokes, making emotes, throwing snowballs, making shapes, and other various tactics that the top dogs of the Army order the troops to do. The winner of the battle gets to own the server. However, because Armies as a whole function under an anarchy, any Army can simply claim to own the server. Unless there is a really obvious victor, their claims are just as valid as the claims from the opposing Army.

All the organized Armies have ranks, but an Army having ranks doesn’t mean they are organized. Anyway, members of Armies rank up by participating in battles, recruiting for the Army, and maintaining respectful and civilized behavior. You oftentimes get awarded for ranking up in Armies.

Organized Armies have a website. This is used as a center for the Army. Most importantly, the site authors will announce news and battle times concerning the Army. This site can often also be used to join the Army, see who is in the Army, see the Army uniform, read about the government and history of the Army, and get the Army chat’s link. Armies use their chat for giving orders during a battle and hanging out.

There is another type of Army known as a Mob Army. A Mob Army does not have a leader, and almost never a website or a chat. As a result, they are usually very disorganized and die off quickly. Examples of Mob Armies in Club Penguin Rewritten are the Aunt Arctic Crew and the Elite Penguin Force Army.

Armies evolved from snowball fights that took place during the first few years of the Club Penguin game. As people duked it out in the Snow Forts, they eventually split up into teams that had a common color theme. These were Mob Armies that are also known as Color Armies, and they were the first Armies. The battles between the Color Armies are collectively known as World War 1.

The Sports Party of 2006 popularized the Red and Blue Color Armies. However, the Red Color Army was the most powerful of the Color Armies because they were able to organize themselves around a leader. The Red Color Army dominated many of the other Color Armies because of this. Eventually however, the leader of the Red Color Army got overthrown and the Red Color Army became a Mob Army once again.

As Color Armies lost popularity, Armies with a unique name that were based on clothing instead of colors started to gain popularity. Most of these Armies were still Mob Armies, however. The Armies that weren’t Mob Armies organized themselves on the Miniclip Forums, making it a popular website for Club Penguin players to visit as well as a hotspot for recruiting new players to the Club Penguin game. The Miniclip Forums also turned the server Mammoth into a hotspot for Army warfare.

The main players in the Army Community at this time were the Nachos, Vikings, Pirates, Romans, Army of Club Penguin (ACP), Club Penguin Army (CPA), Club Penguin United Nations Space Commission (CPUNSC), Underground Mafias Army (UMA), and the Club Penguin Marines (CPM). The first few battles between these Armies are collectively known as World War 2. The ACP, Romans, and the CPUNSC, probably the three biggest players in Armies at the time, were also the first Armies to officially organize on the Miniclip Forums.

World War 3 began when the ACP declared war on the UMA for attacking the servers they claimed to own and hacking Club Penguin for coins and rare clothing. The UMA allied with the Nachos and the CPUNSC. The four Armies battled almost daily. Eventually, they agreed to a temporary cease fire. During the cease fire, the ACP made decisions to ensure the Army would be more successful. When the cease fire ended, their efforts payed off. The biggest blow to UMA was when the ACP successfully got the leader banned for exploiting the game. This combined with a rebellion forming in the UMA known as the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) spelled doom for the Army.

The ACP allied with the RPF and a new Army known as the Club Penguin Air Force (CPAF) upon hearing rumors of an ambush that would be conducted by the UMA. These rumors came true. After several other battles, the UMA surrendered and agreed to make an alliance with ACP.

World War 4 was the war that every single Army alive turned against the ACP. At the time, Mammoth was the capital of the ACP, but also a very popular server and arguably the birthplace of Armies. This is why all the new Armies that started to pop up as well as some of the old ones wanted it. Ownership of Mammoth hopped between Armies, until all Armies agreed it would be a neutral server that couldn’t contribute to an Army’s growth. However, this was not the time of the war when all the Armies turned against the ACP. All the Armies turned against the ACP when they broke the agreement and invaded Mammoth with the intention to claim it once again as their home server.

The Great Alliance was formed. This alliance consisted of every single Army except the ACP. The goal of the alliance was to prevent the ACP from claiming Mammoth. The Great Alliance easily won most of the battles, so the leaders of the ACP started to lie in their posts to keep troop morale high. Before one of the battles, Oagalthorp, the founder and one of the leaders of the ACP, threatened to delete the site if they lost the upcoming battle. Some of the generals saw this as an opportunity to recreate the ACP on another site, and some of the troops supported the idea of not having Oagalthorp as leader, but in the end Oagalthorp didn’t go through with his promises. In the end, the Great Alliance won the war, securing Mammoth neutrality forever. The Great Alliance allowed the ACP to recover from the war because they thought their efforts would be futile. This was a miscalculation, as the ACP survived until March 29 of 2017.

Before World War 5 was a world war, it was a war between two Armies, the Doritos and the Night Warriors. The Night Warriors formed an alliance with the Nachos and another Army known as the Dark Warriors to take down the Doritos. The Night Warriors wanted to defeat allies of the ACP so they could go after them with little resistance. Due to ACP’s strong alliance with the Doritos, tensions quickly rose between them and the Night Warriors, making war inevitable.

World War 5 became a world war when the ACP allied with the Doritos to help take down the Night Warriors and their two allies. The ACP started out on the defensive side. While both sides were mostly even, the Night Warriors and their allies had conquered several important servers. The ACP, in an effort to tilt the war in their favor, switched to the offensive side and attacked the capital of the Night Warriors, Fog. In retaliation, the Night Warriors attacked one of ACP’s servers, Marshmallow. The ACP successfully conquered Fog, and the Night Warriors successfully conquered Marshmallow.

The course of the war changed when the Dark Warriors betrayed the Night Warriors and the Nachos and joined the side of the Doritos and the ACP. The several battles following this betrayal were all in favor of the Doritos and their allies due to their new advantage. The Night Warriors took an even worse hit when the Nachos dropped out of the war, leaving the Night Warriors to face three hostile Armies all by themselves. After several more battles, the Night Warriors surrendered. The Doritos and their allies won the war.

Unfortunately, there are not enough records on World War 6 to write anything about it. World War 7 also suffers from a lack of records, but the few records of it that do exist are very detailed. That’s why I’ll be talking about World War 7 next.

World War 7 is of particular interest to us here, because it was the first world war to take place on Club Penguin Private Servers. It started with an experienced individual in Armies who I’ll refer to as Allagi. After spending time in several Armies, he made his own. Allagi’s Army wasn’t that successful, so in hopes of making it more successful, Allagi moved his Army to CPPSes.

Allagi’s Army immediately faced opposition from three CPPS Armies that were not affiliated with the Club Penguin Army Community. Due to their cheating tactics, Allagi called them the Untouchable Armies, and managed to avoid contact with them at first. However, due to the growing size of Allagi’s Army, the Untouchable Armies began to view his Army as a threat. They were also angry that an Immigrant Army was stealing their glory. For these reasons, the Untouchable Armies formed an alliance, which Allagi called the Pariah Alliance, to take down Allagi’s Army. This is what started World War 7.

The battles were messy and disorganized, especially since both sides used very different styles of warfare. Also, the Untouchable Armies cheated, while Allagi’s Army refused to cheat. Due to the lag the battles between Allagi’s Army and the Pariah Alliance created, the staff members on the CPPS started banning Army members en masse, which shrunk all the four Armies. Allagi, wanting to keep his status as a good and honest Army, surrendered many battles. These battles were known as the World War 7 Phase 1 Battles, or WW7P1 Battles for short.

Allagi called for negotiations between the four Armies. The leaders of the Untouchable Armies, who Allagi called the Three Charlatans, accepted his request. They refused to stop cheating, but they agreed to use servers and learn about the tactics of Allagi’s Army. Priding himself on his fairness, Allagi taught them the tactics. They also divided up the servers. The CPPS had four servers, and each Army got one. After this, there was a time of peace between the four Armies, known as the World War 7 Peace Phase, or WW7 Peace Phase for short. However, this didn’t last.

The World War 7 Phase 2 Battles, or WW7P2 Battles for short, started when Allagi found out the Untouchable Armies were harassing members of the CPPS to join their Army in an effort to fill their ranks with more real people. Allagi was upset, considering this act of harassment dishonorable, so he gathered his entire Army, and assigned each of his three divisions one of the servers of the Untouchable Armies to invade. During the battles, nobody could agree on who owned what server, and this caused the end of the Pariah Alliance. All four Armies were officially at war with each other.

The Phase 2 Battles were nasty. Foreign relations were so horrible, the four Armies didn’t even have to be battling and they would still not get along with each other. As a result, hostility from the members of the CPPS grew to a point where almost all of them refused to join any of the four Armies. Staff members continued to ban Army members without mercy, eventually forcing Allagi to regretfully order his Army to adopt cheating tactics in order to remain a formidable opponent to the Untouchable Armies. This is what began the World War 7 Final Phase Battles, or WW7 Final Phase Battles for short.

The Final Phase of World War VII was the shortest of all the phases, and all the four Armies displayed the worst performance they ever had displayed. One of the Three Charlatans hacked the CPPS and banned most of the members of the other Armies. The CPPS founder managed to take back the CPPS, IP-banned the leader who hacked the site, and unbanned the members that the leader banned. The Untouchable Army with the banned leader struggled to survive, and eventually got defeated in a battle with Allagi’s Army. There were only three Armies left. Battles went on as normal, and the lagging and crashing they caused worsened, so the CPPS founder put a limit on how many people could be logged onto each of the four servers, making it easier to ban Army members. This ended World War VII and started what Allagi called the Dwindling Days. During the Dwindling Days, as a last ditch attempt to be the ‘best Army’, one of the Three Charlatans hacked, defaced, and shut down the other two Army sites. Eventually, the three remaining Armies crumbled.