Hey there!

Hello Speedy community!

Ajay here to bring you your first post, consider this a introduction and a way to meet me and a short overview of who I am! Well, alot of people call me Pornflakes, I know you might be wondering:

“Where the hell did I get the name Pornflakes from?” 

Well, let’s put it like this, back when .me first came out in around 2012, I registered for a account on there and accidentally put a p instead of a c on “Pornflakes” and didn’t realize it until I logged in. Ever since then, all my online friends called me that! Well, but people call me Ajay as well. Now, about myself. My name is Ajay, I’m 14 years old, I love playing video games and am a small youtuber! “Psst, check me out on YouTube! TheGameCave” Anyways, I also been a part of the cpps community since early 2012 and loved it since then. I also like watching movies and hanging with friends, but am very quiet, which I also get the nick name “Shy Guy”. Now, you might be asking some questions, and I will gladly answer them!

  1. Are you hispanic? Do you have any background?
    Yes, I am Cuban and quarter Australian! My parents are Cubans and my ancestors are from Melbourne, Australia!
  2. What is your favorite color?
    Well, I like black. But really, I like all of them! 🙂
  3. Do you like memes?
    Duhh, memes are life <3
  4. What is your favorite childhood movie?
    Well, I watched Forrest Gump, and it is still my favorite movie!

Well, I don’t wanna keep this post too long, but, hope you enjoyed this post! A lot more of them coming, so stay tuned! Have a good night everyone!

-Ajay, aka Pornflakes


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