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Hello everyone, my name is Sammy and I am a new author here at Speedy CPPSHQ! I have been in the CPPS community since 2010. Here is a little bit about myself. I am 15 years old, one of the sports I love to play is volleyball. I also like to go on long hikes and look at the nature, it is always calming to me. As you can all tell, I love to be outdoors and be active. It is something that gives me pleasure. Another thing I love to do is go on bike rides, I love the breeze in the air and it is just so fun to go super fast. Aside from the things I like to do outside, when I am inside I love to write creative stories, whether it is just a made up story or a story about myself. It is fun to just get creative and write about your imagination or to express things you may be feeling. I am so glad to be a new author and that I will be able to share with everyone more about me and things going on in the community. Thanks for reading and getting to learn about me.


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