Hey! – Alanis

My name is Alanis, and I’m so excited to be able to write for Speedy! Many of you probably haven’t ever heard of me before, so I’ll list some facts about myself below (in case you’re interested, if not, that’s alright too).

A few things:
– I am a moderator on mirai.so! I go by urie. I spend most of my time there, and you can usually find me any time! Please come say hi!
– I love to read. When I’m not on mirai, I’m probably reading.
– I play a few instruments. I love all things music! I’m always up for music suggestions. My music taste is extremely unusual, and I can appreciate every genre!
– I love the outdoors. I get a lot of writing inspiration when I’m outside.


That’s all for now, thanks so much for reading!
– Alanis


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