Happy Halloween + Olympics about to begin!


Happy Halloween Speedy CPPSHQ Authors & Viewers!

For those who are ‘Trick or Treatin’ I hope you receive lots and lots of lollies and candy. For those who aren’t I hope you dream about getting lots and lots of candy.

It has been a Exhilarating month full of fun and surprises. [Not really]

Our Halloween events idea didn’t work out well, but still most of you had a flow of events and fun planned for our magnificent viewers. Thank you everyone who participated in these events!

As you may notice it is Halloween, so the party hasn’t officially ended yet. So as I see, Player has organised one last event, which is the post directly under mine, this event will be our last Halloween Event for 2012!

Tomorrow our Olympics begin! After many fail launches in previous months, I have decided to postpone it to November, which is TOMORROW! yay

As this is a big event, there will be SO much to do, so the updates will begin tomorrow, but the actual party may not begin for a few days.

@Cheerios – You fantastic header designer, If you would like to make a new Olympic’s header, you can do so. If not, we will use our old one, which was made months ago.

The Olympics will run over a month, and will include many sporting events of that period of time.


I have decided to make a few changes for our Olympic Games. Normally it will be Country vs. Country earning medals for your own country. This has now changed. Instead of earning medals for your country, you will be earning medals for yourself. The person who receives the most medals at the end of the Olympics will win.

If you win a Bronze medal, it will count as 1 medal, on the medal tally.

If you win a Silver medal, it will count as 2 medals, on the medal tally.

If you win a Gold medal, it will count as 3 medals, on the medal tally.

If you win a participation award, it will count as 1/2 a medal, on the medal tally.

Just to make this clear, instead of all the countries listed on the medal tally, there will now be peoples names. If you want to be a part of our Olympic Games, comment bellow. [If you are staff, your name will automatically be put on the medal tally, so you won’t need to comment]

All the pages involved in the Olympics, will pop back up tomorrow!

Kind Regards & Happy Halloween!

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  • Thanks admin!
    I would like to make a new one,
    and i would ask if you have seen my newest header idea to 2013 somewhere,
    i would please like you could add it in 2013 🙂
    And i will make a new header to Olympics! 🙂
    Waddle On!

  • Sure we’ll add it for 2013, also try to get the Olympics header completed by tomorrow, if not sooner. Make a post about the new header when your done 😉


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