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Late one Halloween night, an Army called the United Republic of Penguinonea received an ominous threat from the hacker, Lord Pythas. It came in the form of members of this Army’s accounts being hacked and saying one line: “PYTHAS WILL HAUNT YOU”.

I asked one of the people that said this, Rikka. They confirmed that Pythas was responsible.

A few hours later, Pythas came on to make the threat himself.

For more info, see the site and discord of the United Republic of Penguinonea:

Soon after making the threat, Pythas struck again, but this time the target was Speedy CPPS HQ. It came in the form of screenshots manipulated via Inspect Element to slander Michael. After he was banned, his associate, or another account of his, came on and presented manipulated screenshots to try and slander Nova. Prytha has been banned, and no other attempts have been made to slander the Speedy CPPS HQ Staff Team.

I talked to one of the leaders of the United Republic of Penguinonea, and they gave me this screenshot that the hacker sent to Tom using their account: 

Left is one of the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation. Could that be the identity of the hacker, Pythas?

Immediately after reading the screenshot, I asked StubbornJedi about Smurf and Tom. They said they didn’t know how they were involved, but told me to visit two discords to get more information and maybe be able to contact one of them. They also told me that Tom received a lot more screenshots saying what they said. Luckily, I was able to contact Smurf, and he gave me these screenshots:

From these screenshots, it is clear that Pythas likes to scaremonger and make exaggerated threats, and is a fan of the movie, Taken. However, I was curious about Pythas’s interest in Tom, so I visited the other discord StubbornJedi recommended. I found out, by reading an argument between Tom and Left, that Left banned Tom from the Rebel Penguin Federation for disagreeing with him. When I contacted Tom, he pretended like it was just a normal day. Has Pythas threatened Tom into silence? If so, what else will Pythas make Tom do?

Left is also rumored to be Xxtoysoldier. The evidence is from these screenshots: Xxtoysoldier is a hacker who has carried out severel DDoS attacks and doxed multiple people. Xxtoysoldier has also hacked multiple websites, including the website of the Rebel Penguin Federation as revenge for being removed as leader by Elmikey.

The United Republic of Penguinonea keeps it no secret that they dislike the Rebel Penguin Federation. Left is one of the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation. Could this be their motivation behind the attack on the United Republic of Penguinonea? It sounded like a threat. Do you think the United Republic of Penguinonea will be targeted by Pythas more? What about Tom? What about Speedy CPPS HQ? What are Pythas’s motives? Who is Pythas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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