Halloween Fever Hits FrostPengu



          It’s that time again when the ghosts, goblins, vampires and werewolves come out. Welcome to the season of Halloween! ? The month of scary movies like Friday the 13th, Scream, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hostile and let’s not forget the famous Poltergeist. October is a month full of ghoulish surprises on FrostPengu. The new login page is anything but ordinary and looks like a scene out of a scary movie complete with scary pumpkins, graveyards with spooky trees and a nighttime sky with an orange glow. Scary music will play as you login and this is not your ordinary sweet Halloween music but a blood curdling song which I will leave as a surprise for those who dare to enter.


Next we enter the cool but stylish new register page complete with an orange and blue sleek design. The new design has also made it easier for you to access pages like the Blog, Giveaway, Support and Staff.


Halloween would not be the same without a spooky town. FrostPengu has turned this ordinary town into a very spooky atmosphere for everyone. Don’t forget to access the radio like the one on the picture below to hear the latest and greatest hits from the U.K and get your music vibe on.


Coffee anyone or how about a bone chilling latte from the witches bar? As you sip your latte you can enjoy the famous movie Night Of The Living Sled on the big screen in black and white. Are you scared yet my fellow penguins? Well there’s more where that came from.


The Beach has definitely transformed into a haunted playground for all the sweet little trick or treaters but beware of this crazy robot flying around. Be weary or you might be his next victim. The robot looks like the Sensai from the famous Dojo.


Snowballs and scary pumpkins decorate the Snow Forts with its eerie glow and hazy atmosphere and cobwebs adorn the forts giving way to a very sinister look. Do you dare to venture further? Then follow me as we tour our next room the Pizza Parlor.


The Pizza Parlor has transformed into a ghostly scene complete with a spin-chilling organ. I think I hear the phantom of the opera or is it just the Parlor music. A candelabra is placed near the organ and candles decorate the tables as seen in the picture below.


Well my fellow Speedy enthusiasts this ends our spooky yet sinister tour of FrostPengu. Until next time, adieu.


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