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Hey everyone!

Today, I have decided to post about the upcoming Halloween Contest that FrostPengu is hosting! Most of you may have read the last post on FrostPengu about the updates. Now, I will bring you to speed about the Halloween Contest. So, if you go on the FrostPengu website, you won’t see the FrostPengu contest page. They haven’t updated it yet, click here instead. To make things easier for you, you may read the instructions below.

Hey everyone! I’m proud to announce the halloween contest! Yes, you heard me right! To take part in the contest follow the steps below:


1. Join our Discord chat.

2. At the channel named Ideas post pictures of your scary outfit (of your penguin of course).

3. Give us some feedback about our CPPS in the feedback channel.

Easy steps right? The prize will be a spooky banner, only created for you!. We’ll only select three lucky winners, so stay tuned!


Happy halloween!

Source: FrostPengu

Those are all the directions and steps, make sure to look as scary as possible! Read the directions carefully and everything will be fine. Good luck to everyone and have a happy spooky week ?


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